Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Cosmic Crime: Part One

Two months have passed since the leader of the Order of Cain escaped from their secret temple in Ringstead, Norfolk. The Brethren in Ringstead are either dead or under arrest for the murder of a number of prominent amateur historians. While the Police believe that they have cracked the case, the Green Man knows that the Order of Cain are planning a serious crime. A crime of cosmic proportions. Accordingly, the Green Man's agents of vengeance are combing the world for a trace of the remaining members of the Order of Cain. As our story opens, Ms. Madison has been called away from a dance at the Savoy with her long-term admirer, Mr. Michael Rake and told to board a cab. This cab has taken Ms. Madison out of London and stopped at the gates of a long-deserted country house.

Ms. Madison approached the house cautiously, the heels of her evening slippers sinking into the leaf mold Straggling branches tugged at her dress, but she was able to shrug them off. Flicking on her flashlight, Ms. Madison approached the overgrown door. Brushing the bushes aside, Ms. Madison climbed the steps and entered the derelict house.

"Good evening, Ms. Madison." She was greeted by the familiar voice of the Green Man. "Did I interrupt anything?"

"Lots," Ms. Madison replied. "Mike - Mr. Rake- was about to propose. You spared me the need to think up a new excuse. Why must you hang around in places like this?"

"A house being reclaimed by nature," the Green Man spoke softly. "Appropriate for the Green Man, don't you think?"

"I suppose so," the blonde smiled. "I won't ask why I can't meet you at your real base. I know that. Now, why did you call me?"

"The Order of Cain," the Green Man replied. "Andrea has been co-ordinating search efforts in America. Today she called me from Sacramento, capital of California, to say that she's been involved in a shoot-out with some gentlemen in black robes. It looks like we have located their American base of operations. And, according to the words spoken by the leader of the order, America is to be the target of their next crime. A crime of truly cosmic proportions."

"I know," Ms. Madison nodded. "The order of Cain believe that the commission of what seem like horrifying crimes is part of the movement towards enlightenment."

"You will return to the taxi," the Green Man went on. "The taxi will take you straight to the airport, where you will board a flight to Los Angeles. There, you will meet Andrea and hunt for the base of the Order in California. We have to discover what this crime is that the order intends. And then we must stop it. Whatever it takes."

As the taxi carried her away from the derelict house, Ms. Madison could not but look back. She wondered what was the matter.

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