Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sinks of Iniquity 1: The Cat Hotel, Bastwick

This being an occasional series dedicated to things that should not be allowed. The reporter is our self-appointed Sinks of Iniquity correspondent, Sir Richard Arcos:

The Norfolk village of Bastwick had a lovely medieval church once. Then it fell down (or was pulled down, I fail to remember which). Only the gaunt tower now remains. And believe me, without its battlements, the tower's jolly gaunt. At some point in recentish memory, the tower was converted to offices, with useful things like floors and a ceiling. My daughter tells me there were plans to do something with these, but they fell through.

Anyway, the tower is now owned by the notorious Cat Hotel chain. This sounds like it's a boarding catttery of some sort. In fact, a perusal of the sign outside the mouldering tower reveals a very different story. Rooms in this place are let during the day only, and during working hours. I am reliably informed by some old and toothless gossip that cats can book in for a few hours for illicit trysts, and the management do not ask questions.

It's good to see that this particular sink of iniquity is closed on the Sabbath. So many sinks of iniquity violate this particular commandment as well. Take the still-notorious Adultery bureau, for example.

On second thoughts, perhaps not. They really were dubious. The blackmail as much as the hiring out of young women fresh out of Pudding Norton College.

Next time: The Cess-Pool Bandits.

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The Girl in Grey said...

I'll have to make sure none of my cats find out about it!