Friday, November 03, 2006

The Secret Order of Doom: Part One

Ms. Madison knew who her caller was before she even picked up the receiver. She smiled at the anticipation.

"Hullo, Ms. Madison here." She sounded peppy and lively.

"Enjoyed your holiday?" the Green Man spoke, humour in his voice.

"A bit, thank you," she laughed, "but I'm glad to be back. Even lying on a beach soaking up the sun can get to be a drag. I hear you and the Girl in Grey took out a major blackmailer."

"That's right," the Green Man confirmed. "How is Mr. Rake, by the way?"

"He got food poisoning," the blonde secretary declared. "What's the drill this time?"

"Five dead men." The Green Man's voice became grim. "All involved in medieval history in some way. All doing research on the origins of Christianity in Western Europe. And all killed in bizarre ways."

"So next stop some swanky museum, then?" Ms. Madison laughed. "I hope it's the Louvre - I could do with a new frock or two."

"Then you'll be disappointed, I'm afraid," the Green Man let a little humour back into his voice. "Each of the dead men had something else in common - they were enthusiasts, amateurs. The last victim was the curator of Litcham museum in Norfolk, so you'll be taking a train to King's Lynn in two hours time. Pack sensibly, Litcham is in the middle of no-where."

And, with that, the Green Man hang up. Ms. Madison scowled, then smiled. She was in the dark, about to head off to a strange new place.

Her holiday was well and truly over.

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