Monday, November 13, 2006

The secret Order of Doom: Part Nine

The Inspector's eyes widened, as the Green Man stepped out of the shadows of the church quire. He did not have his gun drawn, but the air of menace was nevertheless unmistakable. Inspector Bullock looked back for a moment, only to be brought back by the sound of the Green Man's laughter.

"You won't have any help from your sergeant," the Green Man declared. "One of my agents has his covered. Call him, and he will suffer for your crimes."

"My... crimes...?" the Inspector shook with fear.

"Yes, your crimes." The Greem Man moved nearer, the light from the great east window spotting his mantle with colour. "You attempted to cover up the murder of a harmless museum curator, suggesting that it was suicide."

"I believed that!" the Inspector's face flushed.

"You lie." The Green Man was unconvinced. "No man, however talented he may be, can kill himself by cutting himself into seven parts and impaling his head on the bannisters. And that raises the question of why you suggested that. I believe you are connected with the Order of Cain."

"Of course," the Inspector nodded, "I can even tell you all about the leadership, like Bro-."

"You won't." The Green Man struck him on the mouth. "I know all about the self-destruct code." The long-barreled gun appeared in the hand of the ruthless crime-fighter. "Why was that man killed?"

"He got too close to the secret of the Order." Bullock smiled. "And if you get too close, you and your pretty secretary are going to die as well."

"Really?" the Green Man shook his head. "Where will I find this secret? Oh, and don't talk about any brother. I can shoot you before you finish speaking. You will live if I decide you are to live."

"The largest chapel!" the Inspector cried. "The tomb of many people!"

The Green Man nodded and walked back to where Ms. Madison stood. As the sergeant turned, his jaw dropping, as he saw the Green Man. Ms. Madison slugged him, before the pair made their escape.

"I heard the Inspector," Ms. Madison smiled. "What does he mean?"

"King's Lynn," the Green Man explained, "contains the largest chapel in Britain, just off the Tuesday Market square. Something's in there."

"Or perhaps there's a pretend code, like that silly pretension in the Da Vinci Code," Ms. Madison speculated. "You know, in case someone goes after this secret, like that monk chap in the film."

"You saw the film?" the Green Man led Ms. Madison out of the great church."

"Mike - Mr. Rake - took me," Ms. Madison explained helpfully. "He thought it might relax me."

"And did it?" the Green Man chuckled.

"I solved the whole thing in the first twenty minutes," the blonde confessed happily. "It had to be some sort of inside job. But I know Opus Dei, and they don't have monks or assassins. I mean, would the Vatican have asked us to..."

"That's a story for another time," the Green Man cut her off, "like the tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra, the world is not yet ready for it."

"Which is a pity," Ms. Madison noted. "A giant fire-breathing badger's far more fun than a rat - and cleaner."

When the duo came to the square, the Chapel was easily recognised. A large church with a spire, only in a town where St. Margaret's was the main church would it have been called a chapel. The church was unlocked, and they stepped inside, not knowing what they might find.

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