Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Secret Order of Doom: Part Six

The Green Man was able to drag Ms. Madison into the cellar of the old Prior's lodgings before the hidden gunman got their range. She tripped on the sill, and had to be carried inside and sat on a ledge.

"What was that?" she asked, incredulous.

"That was the robed gunman who followed you," the Green Man chuckled, and Ms. Madison suddenly felt a lot better. "I think it was you who noted that the problem with getting any information on a secret quasi-monastic order was that they were secret."

"So this was a trap?" Ms. Madison frowned.

"No," the Green Man sounded reassuring. "This was a calculated risk. Up to now, it's paid off. Did you take a gun?"

"You bet," Ms. Madison pulled a little pearl-handled automatic from her handbag. "Can you get him inside of four bulletts?"

"We can," the Green Man slipped out through another door. The long silver revolver was no-where to be seen, and Ms. Madison got the distinct impression that her boss was about to tackle a hidden gunman with his bare hands.

That being so, she hurried back to the door, leaning out tentatively, then pulling back as someone shot at her. She returned fire as quickly as she could, aiming more-or-less in the same direction that the shot had come from. The next time he fired, she fell back with a squeak of surprise, hoping to draw him out that way.

"You can't fool me that way!" a bold voice called out over the lawn.

"I know, brother of the Order of Cain!" Ms. Madison's heart leapt at the loud voice that replied. "The Green Man knows the hearts of the wicked more than you can know!"

The robed gunman flew out of his cover, as a blow from the Green Man sent him spinning away. The Green Man stepped forward swiftly, reducing the robed man to a state of semi-consciousness, before dragging him into the undercroft of the prior's lodgings. He was chained to a staple in the wall, before Ms. Madison was deputed to bring him around. She slapped him a few times, before kicking his shins with her high heels. At last, he came round with a yell.

"Good..." the Green Man laughed, remaining in the shadows. "Now we can talk. Tell me all you know about the Order of Cain."

"Why should I?" the robed figure demanded beligerently.

"Because, brother, I am the Green Man." The mysterious figure in Green spoke with measured tones. "I can show you the truth of a thousand sorts of pain - and you will not die - not until I decide it. So speak!" The Green Man's voice rose, without being hysterical, or even angry.

"He can, you know," Ms. Madison smiled threateningly. "And I can help."

That had the desired effect. The man broke down very noisily, screaming and begging for mercy. Which rather relieved Ms. Madison, who had not been keen on the idea of getting acquainted with torture.

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