Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Cosmic Crime: Part Two

Andrea met Ms. Madison at the airport, driving a fast car. She smiled, seeing the classy beauty of the Secretary.

"I'm afraid you're going to get very dusty," she told Ms. Madison, voice hearty. "We're headed for a little cabin in the hills outside the city. And you," she looked across at the blonde, "are going to have to get some new kit. Out here everyone's relaxed. You'll stick out like a sore thumb."

"I don't mind," Ms. Madison laughed back, her tones musical. "After all, we're monk-hunting, aren't we?"

"You've got it," Andrea nodded. "Hop in. I'll fill you in on the way there."

The girls got into Andrea's roadster, and soon they were headed out of the city at speed. Ms. Madison removed her hat, letting thewind whip at her hair. She laughed, glad to feel the sun on her face. America was refrshingly different from England, and she loved it. Soon, she'd be able to wind everything up, and then she could get down to some serious sunbathing.

"This is lovely, isn't it?" she turned to speak to Andrea, donning her sunglasses.

"Better than gloomy old England," Andrea concurred. "What shall we do next?"

"Show me the hidden headquarters of the Order of Cain," Ms. Madison told her colleague. "Then we can call for the Green Man."
"I don't know where it is," Andrea confessed. "Only that that Order of Cain is active here. I was attacked by them on Sunset Boulevard - black robes and all!"
"So we operate here on the assumption that this is their base of operations, then?" Ms. Madison tore her eyes away from the scenery.
"I assume that's why the Green Man sent you over," Andrea nodded. "Do you think he's close behind?"
"Wherever he is," Ms. Madison replied, "it's the right place."
In talking, the girls had quite forgotten to check their surroundings. They did not notice the car that pulled up beside them until it slammed into the side of the roadster.

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