Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Secret Order of Doom: Part Eleven

Inspector Bullock laughed wickedly, levelling his gun at the Green Man. He let his finger close slowly on the trigger, taking his time in a sadistic manner.

"Brother Lemuel." The Green Man spoke, but it was not the Green Man's voice that came from behind the mask. Rather, it was the voice of Inspector Bullock.

The Police Officer cringed back for a moment, before the explosive device concealed on his person exploded, killing him. For the second time that day, Ms. Madison's clothes were stained with blood. She groaned.

The six other robed figures were disorientated by their leader's sudden exit from this mortal life. The Green Man took the three who had stood on the Inspector's right, while Ms. Madison took those on the left, showing a surprising grasp of unarmed combat technique, given her looks and fashionable dress. All of which goes to show that one should never judge by appearances. Soon all six monkish figures were strewn about the nave of the chapel, quite senseless.

"And that never happened to the monkish types in the Da Vinci Code," Ms. Madison observed, smiling, as she smooted down her blonde hair. Her face was flushed, and her breathing faster than usual. "How was I?"

"You're a good learner," the Green Man told her admiringly. "Now, let's get the secret and get out of here."

A swift search of the tomb showed no sign of any clue at all. Ms. Madison shook her head.

"I think it was just a trap," she told the Green Man, as they walked across a playground to the rear of a large Methodist chapel. "Like the false clue in the Da Vinci Code, only deadlier. Which means that we've run up against another blank, especially with Inspector Bullock definitely off the case."

"Not a blank." The Green Man shook his head. "Remember the dead men? They all left notes. All of them must have found out the secret of the Order of Cain, and even if the papers dealing with that were destroyed, if all those papers were to be put together..."

"We'd know," Ms. Madison nodded. "But we need an expert, like the dead men."

"You've met him." The Green Man spoke briefly, and to the point.

"Samuelson?" Ms. Madison smiled. "And I suppose you've managed to get the papers somehow?"

"You could say that," the Green Man produced a mobile 'phone from under his trenchcoat. "Your red-headed colleague on my staff has been collecting them. And she'll be acting as bodyguard at Samelson's house, while you two work on the papers." He pressed a button on the 'phone, before raising it to his face.

The instrument on the other end rang a few times, before it was picked up, a little unsteadily.

"Andrea Salle," a sleepy voice on the other end declared. "Who's calling, please?"

"This is the Green Man," the avenger of evil spoke softly. "Do you have the papers?"

"I got in from burgling Nottingham Police Station two hours ago," Andrea Salle yawned. "So don't expect me to be in Norfolk until teatime. Where do I go?"

"Samuelson." The Green man spoke the name before ending the call.

"And I," Ms. Madison announced, "will be getting new kit before having a nice lunch. If I'm going to become bait for evil monks, I might as well have a good meal first."

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