Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Two

Sir Harold looked at the 'phone for a long time after it fell silent. His heart was pounding, his throat dry as sandpaper. He could scarcely believe his ears. But there it was - he had been threatened in his own home!

Sir Harold dialled the number of the local Police Station feverishly. As the 'phone rang, however, he gave up, slamming down the 'phone.

From the Golf Course at the end of the park, Lady Sylvia Vaughan laid down her binoculars, a sweet smile on her face. Turning away from the mansion, she picked up her 'phone and pressed the dark green button that connected to the ever-changing number of the Green Man.

"Hi," the voice of Ms. Madison came down the 'phone. "You're through to the Green Man. Can I take the name of a person who needs to suffer?"

"Hullo, Lynette," Lady Sylvia laughed. "I'm calling from outside Harold Rait's place. Put me through."

"Wilco," Ms. Madison pressed a button.

"Lady Sylvia," the Green Man spoke. "How did he react?"
"He didn't call the Police," Lady Sylvia replied. "I was a bit surprised."
"I am not," the Green Man called the shocked aristocrat. "You see, I know the truth about Sir Harold Rait."

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