Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Seventeen

Lady Sylvia started forward, only to be stopped by a blow on the jaw from one of the Grey Tabby's minions. As the young aristocrat crumpled to the ground, the Grey Tabby turned on his intercom.

"Set the countdown for five minutes," he instructed someone, "and bring Mr. Coote here."

In the halls of the corridor, the Outsider and the Green Man continued to make mincemeat of the opposition. A number of the Grey Tabby's hired goons turned tail and fled. The Outsider wiped out most of them as well.

"And now for the big prize," the Green Man strode down the cavernous halls of the castle, tracking Lady Sylvia by the radio tracker the brunette had concealed on her.

"Do I get to kill him?" the Outsider asked plaintively.

"Not the main baddie," the Green Man told the young assassin. "As the hero of this story, I get to do that bit."

"Okay," the Outsider saluted, "but I can kill everyone else, can't I?"

"Yes," the Green Man sighed, "and remind me to settle this before I borrow you next time."

"Okay!" the Outsider replied brightly, "let's go in!"

They crashed through the door of the control room. The Grey Tabby turned to face the Green Man, smiling in triumph.

"You have saved Norfolk," he growled, "but you cannot save London!"

As the Grey Tabby sank into the floor, a tube of steel covered the supervillain. At the same time, the rocket motors of the missile engaged. As the missile took off, the backdraft set the castle on fire.

"Great," the Outsider sighed, "we have to save the world and ourselves."

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