Thursday, March 15, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Eighteen

As flames spread over the mansion, the Green Man leapt for the control panel, feverishly searching for a destruct button. The Outsider hurried to another control, joining in the search. As smoke began to pour into the room, they redoubled their efforts.

"What sort of a supervillain gets a lair that catches fire when he launches his pet nuke?" the Outsider demanded.

"The sort who wants to conceal the evidence," the Green Man replied. "Any sign of a destruct switch, Outsider?"

"Nope," the Outsider shrugged, "shall we get out?"

"We can't!" the Green Man redoubled his efforts, "if that missile reaches London, millions could die!"

"And if we stay too long, Lady Sylvia's likely to join them!" The Outsider exclaimed hotly.

"What have you done?" the door burst open to admit Marcus Coote, a gun in his hand. He drew a bead on the Green Man, only to have one of the Outsider's crossbow bolts pin him to the wall.

"It was your boss," the Green Man replied. "But the flames will still serve as a means of vengeance. Collect Lady Sylvia, Outsider, while we leave Mr. Coote here to burn."

"No!" Coote blanched, "don't kill me! Don't let me die!"

"Then tell me where the destruct switch is!" the Green Man grabbed the lawyer by the throat, "or I'll leave you here!"

"In the secondary control room, by the tower!" Coote yelled, "but it's an inferno in there!"

"I know!" the Green Man cried, "but I have to try!"

The Green Man ran from the room, leaving the Outsider to free Coote, before leading the corrupt lawyer, carrying Lady Sylvia, out of the building. Turning, Emily Fairbain saw the castle, ablaze from end to end.

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