Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Four

The Green Man smiled at the 'phone. In the tower room that was his secret headquarters, he could see pictures of both Lady Sylvia and Ms. Madison. The amazing technology of the control room allowed him to converse with his secretary and agent, although the former was in Bermuda.

"Sir Harold Rait," the Green Man continued, "fits what I know about the Leech: that he is wealthy and has profited from blackmail by more than simply bleeding his victims. We also know that I planted a story on Sir Harold."

"What more do we need to know, then?" Lady Sylvia asked. "This swine tried to blackmail my brother..."

"The Leech could simply be close to Sir Harold," Ms. Madison explained. "We don't know whether Sir Harold told someone at his club - after all, he learned the information from a planted person at the club. We don't want to harm an innocent man any more than we have to."

"That sounds a little bit ruthless," Lady Sylvia pointed out.

"It is," Ms. Madison shot back. "But the Leech is one of the most evil men we know of. He has to be destroyed. That is why you will be attending a reception at Sir Harold's house tonight."

"Last time I went to a party for the Green Man," the aristocrat sighed, "I got biffed on the bean."

"But this time," the Green Man reassured her, "you will attend. No more. All you have to do is create a distraction. I will do the rest."

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