Monday, March 05, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Nine

The Green Man made short work of the men in the lodge. Although they were all feared mercenaries, the men ended up on the floor, most of them dead. Leaving a card behind him, the Green Man moved on, into the castle grounds, drawing his revolver. Keeping low, camoflaged by the verdant greenery, the Green Man approached the soaring towers of the Castle. Checking the radio sensor that detected the homing beacon on Lady Sylvia's shoe, he looked up at the mighty tower.

The mysterious figure in green crept across the lawn, looking out for gunmen. When he saw none, the Green Man checked the French windows. The one nearest to him opened, drawing a smile from the Green Man. Nevertheless, he swung open the door, walking into a pleasant room.

From there, the Green Man entered a stately gothic hall. There was a broad table, laid as if for a meal, along with spears and other weapons. The Green Man registered these with a smile, moving towards the fireplace.
The doors to the room burst open, admitting numerous armed mercenaries. Turning, the Green Man raised his hands, letting his gun drop from his hands.
"And now," the leader of the mercenaries laughed, "we shall see who's under the mask."

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