Friday, March 09, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Thirteen

The city of Norwich is a contrast to the county, a financial powerhouse, home of the mighty Norwich Union financial corporation, the city has long been a home to financial businesses, with Virgin Money and parts of the almost monopolistic Royal Bank of Scotland having joined the mighty insurance firm. Still, parts of the city retain their medieval street plan, and throughout the city, the historic rubs shoulders with the modern. It was in the Northern part of the city, close to an old railway station, that the Grey Tabby's mercenaries struck. Before the commuters could get as far as work, the men had streamed out of their armoured personell carriers, onto the streets.

Soon, explosions rocked the northern part of the city. The old station building, where a detatchment of the Territorial Army holed up, was reduced to a ruin. Threatened with the destruction of London, the Government refused to commit troops from the West of the county.
The mercenaries fanned out into residential streets, as more began to arrive, forcing residents to stay inside. Schools were closed, and policemen shot down. The brutal mercenaries, trained in the hardest combat theatres of the previous decades, started to lock down the neighbourhood of crowded terraces and tall fences, combing the area for any troublemakers.
One patrol of seven men, moving towards the Norwich Union buildings on Sussex Street, moving through an alleyway, were stopped in their tracks by the sight of a lone figure.

"Good Morning," said the Green Man.

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