Saturday, March 17, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Twenty

The Green Man, with Lady Sylvia by his side, examined the shattered ruins of the Castle. The girl shook her head sadly.

"Such a wonderful building," she observed, "another treasure of old England lost."

"I know," the Green Man shook his head. "But when the wicked touch lovely things, they can get dreadfully broken. Coote has paid for his crimes. Permanently."

"I still think dumping him in the River Wensum with a thirty large and heavy pieces of silver in his pockets was a bit mean."

"He was a master of the legal system," the Green Man replied. "He would have been able to escape with a light sentence, even with the evidence you could have supplied."

"Oh, I know," Lady Sylvia laughed, "I guess it's just nerves. I mean, this is only my second case..."

"And may there be many more," the Green Man nodded. "A wire from Ms. Madison arrived at the Post Office this morning. Apparently she's on her way back from her holiday via a few of the more obscure places in the tropics. I'll be meeting her in Central Africa - you can come too, if you like."

"Why not?" Lady Sylvia smiled breezily. "It beats pretending to work for a living, and my brother can stop badgering me, too."

"Everyone's a winner," the Green Man conceded. "But before we go, there's a little unfinished business I have to attend to, here in Britain."

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