Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Twelve

Lady Sylvia watched in horror, as a series of explosions tore the room apart. The Grey Tabby laughed in triumph, his finger still on a button on his desk.

"And so," he turned to the brunette, smiling triumphantly, "the Green Man passes from the scene, and a new leader of the criminals of Europe emerges."

"After you took all that money for the Republic of London?" Lady Sylvia shook her head. "You know..."

"What you don't know, Lady Sylvia," the Grey Tabby shot back, "is that every one of my backers is now either dead or in prison after a series of anonymous tip-offs."

"If they find out, they'll be mad," Lady Sylvia smiled, trying not to look she was on the verge of tears.

"If!" the Grey Tabby laughed mockingly. "You know that there is no honour among thieves."
"naturally," the brunette nodded. "I used to work for you, after all. And what about your new plan?"
"That will succeed!" the Grey Tabby declared, "and those who are with me shall become rich beyond their wildest dreams!"

"And there was I hoping you'd attack them," Lady Sylvia shrugged. "And after I managed to turn on the Public Address system."
"But I had noticed," the Grey Tabby turned it off. "Now, Lady Sylvia, you are to go to your room, change and come down in an hour, to see my assault on Norfolk begin."
"No." She shook her head firmly.
"Are you afraid?" the villain asked her menacingly.
"Nope," Lady Sylvia replied spiritedly. "I just wanted to take a shower and fix my hair."


green man fan said...

Just who IS the Green Man? What of the man under the mask?

Lady Sylvia Vaughan said...

One day, the worl may know, but, 'til then...