Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Six

The Green Man found the open door easily, and slipped inside, his feet making no sound on the carpeted floor. His objective was Sir Harold's private study, and thatnks to an article about the house in Country Life, the Green Man knew exactly where to find it. An ancient room, lined with books, it spoke of a far deeper learning than Sir Harold Rait had ever possessed, being left ove from the family who had held it before they had been broken by the incessant demands of the Leech.

Locating the safe was almost as easy, the long shelf full of large nineteenth-century German theology had to be the place, for no-one would ever look at those books again.

The Green Man was unsurpised by the safe. It was large and electronically locked, the sort that paranoid men buy. It was also quite easily unlocked. Not long after she had taken the job of Secretary to the Green Man, Ms. Madison had devised a computer programme that could unlock a safe in a matter of seconds. The mighty door swung open, revealing a great many files. The Grren Man extracted one, and began to read.

There was more than enough there to convince the Green Man that he had not targeted an innocent man. The file was on a stockbroker, who apparently kept a misstress. All the sordid details were there, including photographs. The Green Man could not suppress a snort of disgust.

"Ashamed of your work at last!"
A voice behind the Green Man caused his eyes to widen. There, an outraged expression on her face, was a woman. And she held a pistol in her right hand.


green man fan said...

There are a lot of twentieth-century theology works one could hide documents behind as well, given their fleeting ephemerality.

What is The Green Man's position on Bultmann? What about Barth? Will he visit theological vengeance on them after he dispenses of the latest supervillain du jour?

Ms. L. Madison said...

Stay tuned.

The Girl in Grey said...

It sounds fun. Scruff uses some Barth volumes to keep computer discs in.