Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Eleven

The Green Man did not hear the gloatingof the Grey Tabby, as he pressed on into the castle (and who can be surprised, when the supervillain was in another room, a long way away). A man tried to shoot him from the gallery of another of the castle's cavernous halls, but the Green Man saw him first. He died in a moment, and the sinister figure in green moved on, whistling a haunting melody.

Kicking open another door, the Green Man scanned the room. Leaping inside, he dodged the automatic crossbows, shaking his head.

"Someone's short on originality," the Green Man chuckled. Another shot took out a poorly-hidden security camera. At once, gas flooded the room. Clapping on a gas-mask, the Green Man moved on. When the door at the end of the room proved locked, the Green Man shot out the lock. Re-loading, the Green Man moved on, further into the maze of rooms that comprised the Castle.

The room he moved into was a small ante-chamber, one door of which swung open to reveal what appeared to be a study. There, seated behind a desk, was the figure of Marcus Coote. He was flanked by armed men and looked very unfriendly.

"Welcome," he smiled at the Green Man. "You have come far, but now my chief will have his revenge."
As he finished speaking, the room exploded.

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The Girl in Grey said...

Don't you hate the old exploding room dodge?