Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Three

"Sir Harold Rait," the Green Man explained, "is not the respectable gentleman and industrialist he pretends to be. He is, in reality, the most monstrous and cunning villain."

"What..." Lady Sylvia breathed, disbelieveing.

"Sir Harold bought his first business with money extorted from a number of people," the Green Man told his young assistant. "The man who sold him the business was one of them. You see, Sir Harold Rait has another name. He is the Leech, the most deadly and evil blackmailer in history. He has the blood of dozens of people on his hands. One young woman killed herself on her wedding day, while a senior military officer shot himself on the day his son graduated from Sandhurst."

"How do you know Sir Harold's the Leech?" Lady Sylvia enquired.
"A planted story about your brother, Lord Ambrose Vaughan," the Green Man chuckled. "I had seven suspects, and gave each one a different compromising story about someone. The one about Lord Ambrose was the one Sir Harold got. The fact that he did not close his safe makes it even more likely. By the end of this week, I will know for certain."

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