Saturday, March 10, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Fourteen

As the Grey Tabby's ruthless mercenaries fanned out into the city of Norwich, only the Territorial Army and a few brave citizens stood against the evil men. And the Green Man, who moved silently among the alleys and streets of the ancient city, dragging men to their doom, wiping out scattered patrols.

But not even the strange strength of the Green Man could prevent the Grey Tabby's troops from pushing on towards the city centre. Still, the destruction of a couple of their Armoured Personnel Carriers caused a few men some concern.

The troops sent to secure the Anglia Square shopping centre did not get there, as the Green Man made short work of the battle-hardened troops. Every man in the company died, falling victim to the Green Man's deadly fists and gun. Frightened citizens of the city cheered, as the mysterious figure in green hurled the company's leader from the Magadelen Street Flyover.

"There are people who will fight!" The Green Man assured the cheering crowds.

In the City Centre, as the Territorial Army began to flag, three men fell victim to a succession of deadly crossbow bolts. Before their fellows could do anything, the Outsider materialised, silent and deadly.

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