Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Sixteen

The Green Man paused in the Castle gardens, looking back at his black and smoky ally. The Outsider laughed, looking at the small part of the castle that was visible.

"Do you think there 're many bad guys in there?" Emily asked.

"You're a bloodthirsty little Outsider, aren't you?" the Green Man shook his head. "But probably. Shall we get to work?"

"Sure thing, boss," the Outsider drew her crossbow, before fading from view.

Leaving the Outsider to go her own way, the Green Man strode towards the house, drawing his gun. A sniper drew a bead on the menacing crime-fighter, only to take a crossbow bolt to the chest. This time, when the Green Man crashed through the French Windows, there was only a single man to try and stop him. Gunning the man down, the Green Man moved further into the castle, a slight disturbance in the air behind him indicating the invisible presence of the Outsider.

"You see"" Lady Sylvia turned to the Grey Tabby, smiling, "you can't win against the Green Man."

"Maybe not," the sinister super-criminal laughed, "but I can try." He hit a button on his desk. "Coote, I want you!"
"Coming, master," Coote souned servile.
"And start the countdown," the Grey Tabby added. "London is to be destroyed."

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