Monday, April 30, 2007

The Terror: Part Four

The Green Man reacted with the leopard, leaping forward towards it. He struck the creature on the jaw, knocking it backwards. Pressing forward the attack, the Green Man dealt it another blow. The creature headed away, towards a fallen and savaged man. The Green Man followed.

By the time he reached the man, another had intervened. A young woman wearing skins (mostly, regrettably her own), leapt on to the leopard (not a tiger), and plunged a knife into the creature's neck. By the time the Green Man reached her, the leopard was dead.

"Who are you?" the man on the ground asked, looking at the two strange figures.

"I Jeanette," the girl in skins replied, in best Tarzan fashion. "Who you?"

"Robin Calder," the man spoke weakly, "I was a soldier - a mercenary. Who's that?" He looked to the Green Man.

"I not know," the girl looked to the Green Man. "But he looks like spirit of Jungle."

"I am the Green Man," the Terror of the wicked introduced himself.
"Spirit of Jungle," the girl nodded. "You come with me."
"Where to?" the Green Man pressed her.
"You come with me or many people die," the girl ignored his question. "Spirit of the Jungle come with me."
"And me?" Calder asked.
"I shall support you," the Green Man helped the mercenary to his feet.

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