Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Twenty

Despite the shot, the bullet did not kill Sir Harold Rait, only creasing him, and rendering him quite unconscious. The Green Man laughed, shaking his head.

"No, Sir Harold," he chuckled, "you will not get your wish. You will not indict the law of the Green Man."

Two large manservants for Mainstone entered and carried the man's unconscious body out. Lady Sylvia watched, her mouth open.

"What's wrong?" the Angel of death spoke, her voice friendly and familiar.

"Who are you...?" Lady Sylvia asked.

"You mean you don't know, Sylv?" the Angel of Death removed her mask.

"Lynette?" Lady Sylvia started violently.

"But, natch!" The blonde laughed happily. "Who else could act as the Green Man's inquisitor?"

"You have a point," Lady Sylvia sighed. "So there wasn't any danger, then?"

"Oh, there's always danger," Ms. Madison assured her colleague. "That's what makes this life so fun."

"How'd you find out all this stuff?" Lady Sylvia asked anxiously.
"Quite easily," Ms. Madison chuckled. "You see, there was a microphone and a camera in the case. I worked as hard as I could to identify the man you met, and I got lucky in time."
"And if you hadn't."
"Listen, Sylv..." Ms. Madison sighed, "I always get lucky."


green man fan said...

I knew all along that Ms Madison was the Angel of Death. Who else had the authority to visit vengeance upon the Green Man?

Ms. L. Madison said...


green man fan said...

I miss the single-post stories of visiting vengeance upon the wicked that dominated the early days of The Green Man, such as Lowell House.

But of course, meting out swift punishment does take multiple posts, so we're happy to take anything we can get.