Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday Supplement: A lIttle odd

Ms. Madison here, Sir Richard nominated me to do the honours with this week's Sunday Supplement, the first before Easter. As he's preaching and I'm with my parents, there probably won't be a Sunday Supplement next week.

Right now, Mr. Rake and I are staying with friends in America. I decided to venture into the local Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Church. I'd heard they were strict, but I was prepared. I checked their noticeboard (and got some very odd looks when It did - I was wearing jeans and a cut-off top at the time, but still...). On the board I read the rules:

1. Men and women will sit separately
2. No contact between unmarried men and women.
3. All women must wear hats.
4. No woman is to wear trousers.

The last one might have created problems for someone less intrepid than the Green Man's secretary, since all I had was a rather stylish trouser-suit.

But I'm used to such difficulties. In order to keep the letter of the law, I put on my modest black hat and my shoes. I just left out the part in-between and walked in in my underclothes. Someone asked me to leave, but I asked them to show me where I was breaking the rules. They were unable to do so, only gaping like a goldfish.

I walked through into the sanctuary. The people sat behind me made disapproving noises, although some men somewhere whistled. I found the first hymn, while trying my very best to ignore the stares, and stood with the rest of the congregation.
The service didn't get much further, however. The moment the preacher saw me he started screaming something about 'brazen Jezebels.' I didn't understand everything he said before he passed out cold. The service was abandoned shortly afterwards.

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