Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Nineteen

It was insane, Lady Sylvia told herself, as she stood in the Great Hall at Mainstone. The Green Man stood in her home, staid and implaccable. And next to him, on the dais, the mysterious figure of the Angel of Death. She had changed and wore a dark dress with a mask and hooded cape. Below them stood Sir Harold Rait, his head bowed. Lady Sylvia stood by Sir Harold's side, playing the part of a guard.

"Sir Harold Rait," the Green Man spoke, "you have sought to abbrogate the law of the Green Man. You have failed." His voice echoed around the massive hall. "there is a penalty to be paid."

"You have submitted yourself to this court," the cloaked girl added. "Now we shall render our verdict."

Lady Sylvia looked up to the massive roof. There she noticed a plaster figure carrying a scythe and wearing wings. Pretty and shapely, this was a copy of a baroque statue of the Angel of Death. And looked a little like the terrifying figure alongside the Green Man.

"Because I tried to frame you, you're going to kill me?" Sir Harold laughed harshly.

"Yes." The Green Man drew his gun.

The manner of the man changed abruptly, suddenly, he became a cringing coward, clinging to Lady Sylvia.
"Please!" he begged, "don't kill me!"
The Green Man's gun spoke.

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