Friday, April 27, 2007

The Terror: Part Two

Ms. Madison posed in front of the Falls, drawing a laugh from Lady Sylvia, as she trained her camera on thelovely blonde. Within the civilised sanctuary of the Victoria Falls Hotel, they were unbothered by the horde of hawkers who otherwise bother tourists.

"Does the Green Man ever just pay for you to gon on holiday?" Lady Sylvia asked curiously.

"No," Ms. Madison shook her head. "I have to sting Mike for my holidays."

"And I have to ask Ambrose," Lady Sylvia laughed. "Do you think Mike 'ld pay for us to go on holiday without him?"

"If I pout long enough," she shot back, grinning. "How do I look?"

"Pretty and classy," the young aristocrat told her. "Why are we here this time?"

"Mysterious disappearances," Ms. Madison smiled. "A film crew and a group of mercenaries who were planning to sever the Falls Bridge, among others. Not just isolated people, but whole groups."

"And we get to be the next people?" Lady Sylvia looked dubious.
"No," Ms. Madison reassured her. "We stay here and wait to see what happens next. The Green Man will be investigating. And he..." she wrinked her pretty nose, "will probably be staying in some derelict hut someplace."
"I'm just glad to be in another place where you have to dress for dinner," Lady Sylvia nodded.


green man fan said...

I detect another twenty-plus series of episodes, which series culminates in the Green Man once again visiting vengeance upon the wicked and heaping the fiery coals of justice on their heads.

The Girl in Grey said...

So do I!