Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Man Who Got Away with it

The door of long deserted Lloyd Park, near Cambridge. Just a little way away from the University city. And there, a little way away, lived Dr. Jewis-Jones, a retired Professor of Philosophy, once a guru to the students of the 1960s. Until, that is, his wife was murdered in 1972. It seemed to many that a part of the 'sixties died then. The Professor was put on trial, a decision denouced by a great many students, and exploited by the Professor to garner a large amount of publicity, all the more when he was found not guilty.

The Professor retired about ten years ago, and dropped out of sight. Imagine, therefore, the shock when he announced that he was going to be publishing a book describing just how he had got away with murder. The outcry was immense, but all the Professor did was laugh, mocking the press and 'the establishment.'

And maybe the establishment could be mocked, but justice is not mocked. Two days after the outbreak of the controversy, the Professor received a letter from the Green Man, promising that he would pay for his evil. The Professor could not contact the Police, without meeting with their mockery. His conscience kept him from them.

But as the day of the book launch approached, the Professor saw nothing. He began to despise the Green Man, mocking even him in the press. But the dawn of the day brought terror. Rising in the night, he heard a figure in his hime. Throwing on a coat and hat, the Professor ran to the door, only to find that someone had locked it and taken away the key. Picking up the 'phone, he prepared to call the Police.

The roar of the Green Man's gun roared, a bullet striking the man in his shoulder, turning him to face the implaccable masked figure.

The Green Man approached the Professor, shaking his head.

Only the Professor knows exactly what happened next. The press reported that, overcome by his conscienjce, he had fled. But the Green Man knows better. The Professor's body lies in a crypt under an ancient monastery church. Or rather props open a door.

You see, the Professor was still alive when he was placed in there.

Crime Does Not Pay.


green man fan said...

I know somebody who once recorded a game of baseball without the express written consent of Major League Baseball or the Commissioner of Major League Baseball. This same person also was rumored to have removed the "Do not remove this tag" tag from his mattress. Surely swift doom and painful vengeance shall be meted out to this scoundrel, courtesy of ..... The Green Man!

Ms. L. Madison said...

There are two people who deal with such persons. Major League Baseball is guarded by the Evil Umpire, while the sanctity of the do not remove tag is guarded by Mattress Boy.'

green man fan said...

Ms Madison --- you surely have a way with words. Perhaps that is why Mr Rake still loves you so.