Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Eighteen

"Sir Harold Rait," the Green Man spoke softly, "you have made a very serious allegation. You have accused me of visiting vengeance upon the innocent, and not the wicked."
"That's right," Sir Harold laughed. "I framed Sir Harold so that you killed him. He was perfectly innocent."

"He was far from innocent." The Green Man's tone was grim. "Sir Harold Rait was the Leech, and when he knew that the Green Man was on his trail, he hired you, Sir Harold Rait, Baronet, for his last crime. He knew he had to die, so he decided to take down the avenger of evil. I discovered this as you spoke to the Angel of Death. My records indicated two Sir Harold Raits, the dead man and yourself, the son of an aristocrat who lived in Kenya, a man who became a mercenary, a gun for hire. You are a wicked and unscrupulous man, Sir Harold, and the Leech knew that he could count on you to play the part you were to play - even if you died in the attempt."
Sir Harold Rait stumbled back, a look of utter confusion on his face.

"You can't know..." he breathed.

"I can, and I do," the Green Man laughed. "Yes, Sir Harold Rait, the Green Man has found you out. You thought you could judge the Green Man, but the Green Man has judged you!"
He gestured to Lady Sylvia.
"Take him to Mainstone," he told her.

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green man fan said...

Woe unto those upon whom the Green Man visits vengeance!