Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Terror: Part Three

The Green Man looked out at the thundering waters of Victoria Falls. There, amid the spray, was a rainbow. Around the falls, men and women watched it in awe. His green garments hid in from view, as he moved stealthily through the jungle. Around him, creatures looked on in fear, not sure what to make of the phantom in green, as he moved forward silently. It was as though he was some primitive nature spirit.

The thunder of the falls seemed to mask all noise, forcing the Green Man to listen more intently, watching for any sign of danger. He knew many of the traps that might be set, and watched for them.

Advancing the verdant jungle that rimmed the Zambezi, the Green Man slowly drew his gun, as a leopard approached. As he did so, however, something snatched the weapon from his hand. Before the Green Man could react, the creature sprang...

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