Monday, April 09, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Fifteen

Lady Sylvia, dressed in a 'sort of casual' cowgirl outfit, made her way over the ancient bridge that led to the stump of the massive keep of Mainstone Old Castle (some Victorian owner of the house had flirted with calling the house a 'Castle', but the name hadn't stuck). Her heart beat the faster as she approached the ancient keep, the case of money bumping against her leg. She saw no-one, and wondered why.

"Lady Sylvia Vaughan!" a voice rang out across the Castle bailey. "Do you have the money?"

"Do I look like I'd be carrying this case if I wasn't?" Lady Sylvia demanded.

"You have a point, Lady Sylvia," the voice laughed. "Leave the money and go."

"No." Lady Sylvia was firm. "I want a receipt."

"A receipt?" the voice sounded incredulous.

"But of course," Lady Sylvia was adamant. "I might be able to claim a tax-exemption for it."

"You are stalling," the voice growled. "But the Green Man cannot intervene."

"Why?" Lady Sylvia shook her head.

"Because," a figure stepped from the castle ruins, "I am the Leech." The person looked nothing like the deceased Sir Harold. "Sir Harold Rait, Baronet, of Casely Park. The Green Man slew an innocent man, a man I framed. He must submit himself to his own law. Or you will both pay me blackmail for the rest of your lives. And if I die, the details go to the Police."

Lady Sylvia gasped, stumbling back.

"And who," the Leech laughed, "will deal that vengeance?"

"I will!" both Lady Sylvia and Sir Harold gasped at the sight of the new speaker.

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green man fan said...

I hope vengeance is not visited upon the Green Man until he has at least rid the world of the threat of the Grey Tabby.