Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Law of the Greem Man: Part Thirteen

As soon as she had breakfasted, Lady Sylvia ran down to the mere, not caring about the mud that spattered the hem of her dress. She had to see the Green Man, had to be reassured personally.

The mere, at some distance from Mainstone, was not, as some had termed it, a lake. It was far too messy, for one thing, with tall pine trees marking the bleak west edge of the water. It was by these that the Green Man stood, waiting for her

"Hullo," she spoke breathlessly. "Sir Harold..."

"Apparently called you from beyond the grave," the Green Man smiled. "I got your call. And," he indicated a case by his side. "I've got your money."

"What do we do?" Lady Sylvia asked eagerly.

"You behave exactly as this person expects you to." The Green Man spoke sternly. "We want nothing that will make this man suspicious."

"And if it is Sir Harold, back from the dead?" Lady Sylvia looked worried.

"Then he gets to go straight back there," The Green Man replied, drawing a small gun from under his coat. "No-one can escape the vengeance of the Green Man."

Lady Sylvia nodded soberly.

"But if Sir Harold is still alive, then..."

"We shall face that when we have to," the Green Man told her. "But if my crusade against crime has led to the death of an innocent person, then I must pay the same price I would have exacted. I shall have to face the law of the Green Man myself."

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