Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Fourteen

Lady Sylvia walked briskly back from her meeting with the Green Man, her heart and head racing. She wanted to know who the mysterious voice on the 'phone had been - and whether the Green Man would have to give himself up. She hoped not. Having only been with the Green Man since January, she rather wanted the adventure to continue.

But the Green Man had been right. If he transgressed his own law, what other option was there?

She hid the bag and hurried up to the library, there to lose herself in a book until the dread hour arrived. She wanted the Green Man to appear, or a call to come trough reporting that she would not have to go, so when the 'phone rang, she snatched it up eagerly.

"Mainstone," she spoke in a business-like manner.

"Lady Sylvia again," the voice from the previous night spoke. "This is the Leech. I've changed my mind. You will come to the Castle at once. I have other business to attend to."

She tried to call the Green Man, but his line was engaged. There was nothing for Lady Sylvia to do but walk briskly down to the Castle ruins, carrying the case. And that, she reflected as she walked, was the worst of being blackmailed.


green man fan said...

Who would be the agent to visit vengeance on the Green Man if indeed he has committed an atrocity? And wouldn't the wicked have full reign in the absence of the Green Man?

These are things worth pondering...

Ms. L. Madison said...

Nope, that's all part of my contract. Section five, subsection D, paragraph four:

"In the event of the Green Man committing an atrocity, however unspeakable, the Green Man's Secretary will visit vengeance upon him, after a full investigation. Pending the appointment of a sucessor, the Green Man's secretary will perform such acts of vengeance as are necessary, or appoint another to perform them."