Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Law of the Green Man: Part Twelve

As morning gilded the skies over Mainstone, Lady Sylvia was already awake. She had been so for hours, thinking over the 'phone call. She had seen Sir Harold dead, seen his life's blood staining the carpet of his house - how could he be alive?

But she had heard his voice. More, he had described all the events of the day before in detail. As soon as she could be sure of not waking anyone, she dialled the number of the Green Man.

"This is the Green Man," she heard the familliar sound.

"This is Lady Sylvia," the young aristocrat spoke urgently. "I was called last night by someone claiming to be Sir Harold Rait - and he knew everything, even who I was."

"And what else?" the Green Man pressed his young assistant. "What else did he say?"

"How do you know he said something else?" Lady Sylvia enquired.

"Sir Harold Rait was a blackmailer," the Green Man explained. "He wouldn't just give you a social call. What did he demand?"

"Seventy thousand pounds," Lady Sylvia replied primly. "Or he tells the police everything. It's to be delivered to the old castle tower at midnight tonight."

"Do as he says," the Green Man spoke urgently. "I will supply the money, all you need to do is deliver it. Meet me by the mere after breakfast."

Lady Sylvia thanked the Green Man, before descending to the breakfast room, her mind at ease.

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