Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Announcement: Apology for the Interruption in service

The Green Man offers his apology for his absence of the past week. Although rumours of his demise have been circulating in the underworld, along with those that the Green Man has been forced into hiding by the wrath of Madison of the Yard, these are in fact not true.

As one Mark Maloney discovered last week, when the Green Man tracked him down and slew him for the many crimes he has been guilty of.

The Green Man does not sleep, nor does he take a holiday. Vengeance will overtake the wicked.

'Their Step shall slide in due time.'


green man fan said...

I had thought that perhaps my radio was broken. Or perhaps The Grey Tabby fatally ambushed The Green Man. Or perhaps The Green Man and The Girl in Grey were at some bed-'n'-breakfast together. Or a writers' strike.

The simplest explanation is that The Green Man is having his green trenchcoat fully Martinized at the dry cleaners. You can't visit vengeance on the wicked without an intimidating trenchcoat.

Ms. L. Madison said...

Nope, the Green Man was busy killing some major crime-lord, and I was jettingback from my holiday.