Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Sixteen

The grls looked at the menacing figure of the Cat-like criminal. The Grey Tabby only laughed in triumph.

"Yes," he replied, "I escaped."

"I've always known you had," Lady Sylvia replied bravely. "The Green Man was waiting for the next time that you would show your hand."

"And I was waiting for the Green Man to move within my orbit again," the Grey Tabby replied brutally. "Ever since my plans for the Republic of London were foiled [See: The Grey Tabby] I have been waiting and planning."

"So this...?" Lady Sylvia looked about her at the overgrown ruins of Tonn House.

"Was one gigantic trap," he replied. "I found a lonely place, close to a house owned by a school-friend of Lady Sylvia Vaughan," the Grey Tabby smiled wickedly. "And I began to assemble my trap. From genetically engineered nightmares to this weather, it couldn't fail to attract the attention of the Green Man."

"And you believe this can trap the Green Man?" Ms. Madison scoffed. "You must have been born yesterday, brother..."

"No." The Grey Tabby laughed. "One of my agents reports that the Green Man was shot last night in London. And if he has survived, then he will come here."

"Maybe," Lady Sylvia shot back defiantly. "But it really doesn't matter. The Green Man will destroy your plan."

"When he tries to rescue you," the Grey Tabby replied viciously, "he will die. And if he is already dead, then you will join him."


Anonymous said...

Whoever suggested The Grey Tabby as a supervillain has a flair for literary villainy.

I only hope that The Green Man is not dead.

Ms. L. Madison said...

Well, Natch!