Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Thirteen

Lady Sylvia lay full-length on the sofa in the castle, looking up at the rather overblown 'Jacobethan' ceiling, her shoe hanging off one foot. A weekn of research by Ms. Madison had so far turned up very little. Tonn House had been briefly owned by a business consortium. They had sold it on, however, before making any applications for anything. The Green Man appeared to have melted away into the woodwork, although reports that Ms. Madison dealt with on a daily basis suggested that the Green Man was still at work.

On this particular evening, the girls were dressed for dinner, although they had no guests. Jill and Lady Sylvia were waiting for the remaining diner, Ms. Madison. She had come in from the still snowbound countryiside unusually silent.

"Well," Jill, looked up, as Ms. Madison descended the stairs, "look who just walked in. "Find anything more out, Lynette?"

"Enough," the blonde nodded, smiling. "I found out a little more about the consortium. The head men were very careful to hide who they were."

"And?" Lady Sylvia's eyes opened.

"There were three of them. A local businessman, named Lewis, who lives in Carmarthen town, a man called Reed Chase, who lives in London, and a Harley Street doctor, whose name I couldn't find out."

"And?" Lady Sylvia repeated.

"And that Reed Chase used to be an actor," Ms. Madison replied simply. "Reed Chase is a stage name. His real name is Christopher Orr. John W. Orr was his brother. Tonight, the Green Man will pay him a visit."

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