Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Nine

"What did you see, Jill?" Lady Sylvia asked eagerly.

"Some terrible evil," the girl replied. "What I saw looked like the devil, with horns and wings. And I'm not a hysterical girl - you know that."

"But you still saw the devil," Ms. Madison nodded. "I get the idea, Jill. Most people start with that sort of thing. But you don't need to justify yourself. Not to me."

"Who are you?" the welsh aristocrat asked. "I mean, apart from your being Sylv's pal?"

"My father's a senior man at Scotland Yard," Ms. Madison replied. "I work for the Green Man."

Jill was silent for a moment. She looked at Ms. Madison with an open mouth.

"Isn't he a myth?" Jill spoke very softly.

"I hope not," Ms. Madison laughed. "He pays my wages!"

"Lynette's a crack shot," Lady Sylvia explained. "She should be able to cope with anything we meet."

"Almost," came the reply. "If what you saw really was some sort of black magic, I'm not sure I can. I forgot to pack my silver bullets, and ...."

Ms. Madison was cut off by a scream from Lady Sylvia. She turned. The brunette was looking up at a craggy cliff, high above the ruins of the house. Ms. Madison's eyes followed those of her friend.

She, too, gasped with surprise.

There, clearly outlined against the rock-face was a figure. And it was plainly not human. Possessed of great bat-wings, hand raised to its head, the creature looked up to the sky with eyes like glowing coals.

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