Monday, August 13, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Ten

The girls watched, the colour draining from their faces, as the creature took flight. Ms. Madison shook her head her jaw dropping slowly.

"Was that who I thought it was?" she asked.

"That was what I saw," Jill told her. "Ascending from the ruins of the house. A fiend raised from the depths."

"Or something so close to it I'd never believe," Ms. Madison sighed deeply.

Jill looked grim, looking around the shattered ruins of Tonn House. She could scarcely recognise the mighty place now, it even seemed like the undergrowth was spreading visibly.

"If it isn't something like that," she shook her head, "how d'you explain this?"

"Right now," Ms. Madison replied smartly, "I don't. If I've learned anything working for the Green Man, it's that things don't always make sense, even if we want them to."

"But how could the plants have done this?" Lady Sylvia asked, "how could they have grown this much overnight?"

"Well?" Jill pressed the point.
"Just because we don't know everything," a new voice, that of a man, broke in. "It does not mean that we can know nothing. And I know just a lttle more."
The girls turned. There, lurking in the shadows, was the Green Man.

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