Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Fifteen

The dawn brought no fresh news. The Green Man had not reported back from breaking into the flat of Mr. Orr, while further searches on the property records had yielded nothing of value. It was therefore perhaps understandable that the girls decided to cast caution to the wind. Or at least a largish proprtion of it. They went up the the ruins of Tonn, in spite of their misgivings about the things they had seen.

The ruins of Tonn were still more fallen, the decay of decades having taken place in a very few days. They picked their way slowly through the debris, keeping an eye out for the creature, as well as falling stonework.

"Why would someone do a thing like this?" Jill asked. "I can't understand what purpose this would serve. I mean, it's like the world's gone mad. Did you ever see this sort of thing before?"

"Well..." Ms. Madison paused, colouring, as she looked up at the crumbling buildings."

"This weather gone mad?" Jill pressed.
"We saw something like this in Africa," came the reply. "A machine known as 'the Terror', that could suppress energy waves. A refined version might be able to reverse the weather. But the machine was destroyed."

"What's destroyed can be rebuilt. What's lost re-discovered, my dear girls."

A cultured, mocking voice caused the girls to turn. There, standing in the doorway, was the Grey Tabby.

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