Friday, August 31, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Seventeen

The Grey Tabby's evil footsoldiers advanced on the girls, guns in hands, only too ready to gun the girls down if they could. The girls were forced to surrender meekly to the wicked men. They were chained to some fantastic looking machines that the walls of the wrecked mansion opened to receive. The Grey Tabby laughed, looking at the open sky above the shattered walls of the ancient mansion.

"So," Ms. Madison shot back, "what's the plan this time, Grey Tabby? The last two times it was to create a republic of criminals."

This time, my dear," the Grey Tabby replied, "my plan is very much easier. To destroy the Green Man and his allies. Then we criminals shall be free again."

"Freedom for evil to have its course," Ms. Madison glared back at the costumed criminal. "Do you really think..."

"My dear Ms. Madison," the Grey Tabby shook his head. "I don't just think. I know. If the Green Man had not interfered with my plans, then London would today be a Republic of Criminals. And most Londoners would be better off."

"All the ones who survived the chemical weapons attack," Ms. Madison looked unimpressed.

"Well, of course, Ms. Madison," the mastermind smiled. "But that would have been worth it. And ten of the most deadly criminals in the world would still be alive."

"Pardon?" Lady Sylvia looked confused.
"The men who forwarded the money for the project," the Grey Tabby told her. "I could not repay the money, so I had to slay them. Just as I will slay you, should the Green Man fail to show. Men, call the creature!"
With a massive beating of wings, the girls saw a shadow descend on the house.

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