Friday, August 03, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Five

The girls got Jill inside her house and arranged with the butler to get water and smelling-salts. It was only with some difficulty that they revived the fainting Miss D'Estrange. Again, she smiled at the two girls, particularly at Lady Sylvia.

"Boy, am I glad to see you, Sylv," she laughed softly. "Sorry I passed out back there, I guess you must 've been shocked, hard old me, passing out. But of you'd seen what I saw..."

"I heard," Lady Sylvia nodded sympathetically. "Just remember, I'm here for you. I was the girl who always listened to everyone at school, always tried to help, even when I wasn't wanted. Even when I got a black eye for my pains."
"Oh, yes!" Jill laughed, brightening a little. "And who's your pal, Sylv?"

"This is Lynette," the young aristocrat replied. "She's a pal."

"And you've told her about what I said?" the girl asked.

"Even if I hadn't," came the reply, "she'd 've come. Now, what's going on, Jill?"

"Tonn, the closest house to me, burned down last night," Jill explained. "I was there when it happened - or just before - I saw some occult ceremony, with human sacrifice and stuff. I ran away when that happened, then the house blew up - I don't think that was a co-incidence."

"And I'm inclined to agree." Lady Sylvia nodded. "Someone can't mess with powers beyond our understanding without things happening."

"What were you doing there?" Ms. Madison asked pointedly.

"Trying to burgle the place," Jill confessed. "I've got no money, and thought I could steal something to pay the bills."

"Okay," the blonde shook her head. "Now, what other signs are there of strange stuff?"

"How about that?" Lady Sylvia pointed to the windows, where snow had started to fall.

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