Monday, August 27, 2007

Holiday Supplement: Back to Camp. One

Ms. Madison writes: In a departure for this column, I was asked to write about the Church Camp I attended the other week. It was held by Soar Chapel, a little Baptist Chapel a short walk from the Savoy Hotel, the nearest thing I have to a permanent home. We were going to be staying at the 'Cruise Holiday Camp,' close to the beach, for sun, sea and sermons. I packed by swimsuits and lots of sun-tan cream, then booked a few sessions at the gym for the next week - last camp I was at left me positively bloated!

turned off the road to Blackpool, which should have been the first sign of difficulty. I asked whether anyone had been there before, only to be told that they hadn't been able to get their usual venue, and everyone was wondering what it was like.

Well, my heart fell when I saw the overgrown buildings! It turned out the brochure the church elders had looked at was twenty years out of date!

I was bunked with a couple of girls from the church and found out that we had to use a communal shower block - outside! I had to cross the grass to wash in the morning!

We had our food and ministry in the communal block, which resembles a large and rotting cruise liner. We used the top deck room as a chapel, until the pastor fell through the floor, after which we used the ground floor. Until we found a cellar. Or he did.

We had to hold the Bible club on the beach, as it was the safest place. Someone had to rescue a child, while I fell into a rock pool and cut my legs. It stung like crazy, and I had to wear a long dress or trousers for the rest of the week!

Only one person had to be airlifted to hospital, but I think the operators will be having a little visit from the Green Man.

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