Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Eleven

The Green Man smiled at the shock of the girls, moving forward into the house, out of the shadows. The avenger of evil and the punishment of the wicked approached an open-mouthed Ms. Madison.

"Where did you come from?" Ms. Madison asked incredulously.

"I know," the Green Man told her. "Something like this doesn't happen without the Green Man's knowledge. What exactly happened here, Ms. Madison?"

"Ask Jill," Ms. Madison indicated the tweed-clad aristocrat. "She saw it all."

"It was some sort of black magic ritual," Jill told the Green Man. "There was a human sacrifice - everything."

"And the people here?"

"New," Jill told them. "The old people had to sell up and some people from London bought it up. I think he was a stockbroker and she was something in the wine trade."

"And what was the name?" the Green Man leaned forward, his voice intense.

"I don't know," Jill confessed. "I suppose I've got it written down somewhere, and my Butler's bound to know. But why should I have cared? They were incomers and they had nothing to do with the area. I think all their pals were in London, too. Does it matter?"

"We have to know who they were," the Green Man confirmed. "Anyone who'd do this probably has previous for this sort of insanity."

"And the thing?" Lady Sylvia asked.

"Later." The Green Man headed for the door.

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