Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Eight

The girls approached the ruined mansion cautiously, scarecely darig to breahe. Making their way around the back, they entered the ruin through the servants' entrance - in itself a sign that things were not well, for normally none of the girls would even have considered making such an entrance. But desperate times and stanic black magic call for desprate measures. And for three well-bred girls (okay, two and a Policeman's daughter) to enter a good house by the back door is surely such a measure.

Ms. Madison looked at the devastation of the house. Undergrowth was everywhere, and soft moss. Here and there she could see traces of fire damage.

"This place looks like its been deserted for years," she observed.
"But it burned down last night," Jill replied firmly. "I saw the place burn. Like the snow, this proves something's going on. Something supernatural. Something evil."
The girls pressed forward into the ruins, undergrowth pulling at their clothes. They looked for signs of the terrible thing that had happed, brely understanding that this shaggy ruin was all such a trace.

"How could this happen?" Jill shook her head. "I was visiting here only a year ago, but it looks like this has been empty forever. What did they do?"

"Whatever it was," Lady Sylvia shuddered, "I don't think they meant it to happen like this. I mean, who could have survived?"
"Not who," Jill replied darkly. "What. Something survived. I saw and heard it."

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