Friday, July 20, 2007

Ever-Increasing Darkness: Three

The sun beat down on the little island in the South Pacific. Waves lapped gently on the white shores, while seabirds wheeled lazily overhead. Most of the guests spent their time idly sunbathing, or drinking in the bars of the hotel that occupied much of the island. A few were more active, swimming, surfing or water-skiing. A few people were a little more adventurous, exploring the island. Close by the hotel terrace, a young brunette in a sarong was in the process of picking coconuts from a palm tree, while a tanned blonde in a skirt and brief top was waiting to catch them, keeping an eye out for hotel staff.

Sylvia Vaughan felt a little precarious, as she passed down another coconut to her friend. She hoped to be able to get down from the tree without any embarrassing exposure. A look from her friend told her that someone was on their way.

"Lady Sylvia Vaughan?" the liveried man asked, looking up into the palm tree.
"Yes?" the brunette looked down, blushing, long legs grasping the palm tree.
"'Phone call for you," the man spoke softly, looking a little red.
"Did you tell them I was busy?" Lady Sylvia asked, sounding a little put out.

"Several times," the man protested, "but the young lady insisted - more than once."
"Andrea?" Ms. Madison looked up.
"The name she gave was Jill D'Estrange, Madam," the man replied.
"Jill!" Lady Sylvia let go of the tree and dropped lightly onto the sand. "What did she say?"
"That you had to get over to her house at once," the man replied. "That it was a matter of life and death - for us all."


green man fan said...

Word on the street is that besides fighting the forces of evil, The Green Man is an avid collector of pin-up girl art. I imagine The Green Man enjoying the company of these women in between his periodic visits of vengeance upon the wicked. Even a masked crimefighter needs to relax...

The Girl in Grey said...
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The Girl in Grey said...

I messed up the last post. What I meant to say was that I DON'T imagine him enjoying their company, I imagine him enjoying mine. Which he doesn't do enough. *Sigh*

green man fan said...

But Girl in Grey, did you two not kiss during one of your co-adventures? I could swear you and The Green Man were rather romantic!

The Girl in Grey said...

Oh, we are - but I'm not engaged to him yet, though I want to be. Only he travels the world, and I spend most of my time in London. I get jealous (I do wear a cat costume!).

green man fan said...

Perhaps if you were the "Girl in Green" you would catch The Green Man's eye. The crimefighting couple should at the least be colour-coordinated. You will avoid the problem of having to decide what colour the little crimefighters (if you know what I mean) will wear. It will reduce domestic angst.

I myself would enjoy a date with Ms Madison, but I fear Mr Rake would not take too kindly to that.

But back to the thrilling radio action where vengeance is visited upon those who do evil...

The Green Man said...

The Green Man will return