Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Revolution! Part Nineteen

Superintendent Madison sighed deeply, looking down the stacks of the archives. He shook his head.

"In each of these crimes where the criminal left behind clues that a despised and distrusted group were in some way responsible. Even the recent case where a man committed some evil crimes while allegedly told to by Jack the Ripper was also allegedly paid by a Jewish financier. And one set of attacks on property in East London in the late 1950s carried all the signs of being a campaign by immigrants to drive out established local residents. In that case all the notes were destroyed. A predecessor of mine in the 1930s had to destroy evidence that would have helped the British Union of Fascists."

Andrea laughed charmingly.

"And I was worried that you were a square," she grinned. "I guess the Green Man's right that the police can be more flexible. But what would the public say?"

"They'll never know," Mr. Madison told her. "Now, what we have to to is find my daughter. Miss Van, what was she up to when she vanished?"

"Trying to stop the mad commies from blowing up the Bank of England," she told him. The Green Man saw the man who looks like Jack the Ripper kidnap her."

"And he let it happen?" Mr. Madison glared.

"That's what I said," Andrea confessed. "But the Green Man trusts Lynette to do her stuff and foil the bad guys."
"Maybe he does," Mr. Madison growled. "But she's my daughter, and I wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her. What are you doing right now, Miss Van?"
"Standin' in a vault under City Hall," Andrea shot back.
"Well," he told her sternly, "not for much longer. "You're coming with me. To Scotland Yard."


green man fan said...

Does crime pay? Will a man's sins find him in the end?

The Green Man said...

Crime does not pay.