Friday, July 13, 2007

Revolution! Part Twenty-Three

The Green Man laughed, as his opponent cringed back in terror. Ms. Madison watched from the floor, feeling a great deal better, despite her aching limbs. In the doorway, two men appeared. A few shots from the Green Man dispatched them.

"You have no chance," the Green Man told him. "Your plan will fail. Even now, Andrea and Superintendent Madison are arresting your agents of destruction."

"It can't be!" the man cried.

The Green man shook his head, before levelling his gun at the man in the tall hat.
"Justice will prevail," the Green Man told him. "You will shortly know the vengeance of the Green Man. There is no escape."

Ms. Madison tried to get up, but her strength failed her. She crumpled to to ground with a gasp of pain. The evil man looked to see the Green Man avoid this, but nothing happened. Ms. Madison joined the Green Man in laughing.

"No!" the man screamed, "No! I have to win!"

"The evil cannot win," the Green Man's finger tightened on the trigger. "Crime does not pay."

The gun spoke, and the evil man crumpled to the ground, quite dead.The Green Man stepped over his body, towards the trembling form of Ms. Madison. She held out her hand, smiling gratefully, as he helped her to her feet. Removing his coat, he draped the trembling blonde, helping her towards the door.

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