Saturday, July 14, 2007

Revolution! Conclusion

Back at the Savoy, a rather battered, but recovering Ms. Madison spoke to a surprised Andrea. The Green Man had dropped her at the door, before leaving to wherever he was between visiting terror upon the wicked.

"So, who was he?" Andrea asked eagerly.

"Some deluded soul," the blonde replied, voice soft and compassionate. "He really did think he was Jack the Ripper back from the dead. My Dad's men couldn't really identify him. Apparently he'd had his face and body altered."

"How can you say that, after what I heard at the City Hall?" Andrea looked confused. "We spoke far too much about evil and Jack the Ripper for the guy to be just deluded."

"Really?" Ms. Madison shook her head. "Andrea, maybe the guys we fight with are flesh and blood, but the forces behind them are far, far more than that. The evil that inspired Jack the Ripper is still very much alive."

"Evil is the only thing?" Andrea's eyes widened.

"The only thing?" Ms. Madison shook her head. "Andrea, the Green Man's tangled with guys who thought the Ripper was controlling them in the past. Maybe the reason why the Police never caught the original Ripper was that he couldn't be caught."

"You don't mean...?" Andrea shook her head.

Ms. Madison nodded grimly, rising to look out at the shining city.

"I do." Ms. Madison sighed. "Andrea, I've been with the Green Man long enough to know that there is far more than this world. Perhaps the Ripper has always been directed from the pit of hell. Perhaps we've just played another part in the cosmic drama of good and evil. Maybe we all have a part to play."

"And what next?" Andrea asked eagerly.

"The next step," Ms. Madison laughed, "is a holiday. Sylv is going off to the tropics and she's invited me to come along."


green man fan said...

Thus concludes another thrilling adventure of The Green Man!

The ending was rather metaphysical for a hard-boiled pulp blog, though....

The Green Man said...

Ms. Madison's been doing a course in philosophy with the Open University.