Sunday, July 01, 2007

Revolution! Part Eighteen

Muchto Andrea's surprise, the man who spoke was not the Green Man. Instead, it was a somewhat sleepy-looking man in a battered felt hat. He looked cynically at the redheaded girl and shook his head.

"Andrea Van," he sighed, "gun-girl, associate of the Green Man. I should have known he was in this somewhere."

"And you are?" the redhead enquired.

"Superintendent Madison, Scotland Yard," the man replied. "I think you know my daughter."

"Well, sure," she laughed with relief, "Lynette's a swell pal. And she's sort of..."

"Don't say anything more," the detective told her. "I don't want to have to arrest my own girl. I'm here for one reason. She's fallen into the hands of a man who thinks he's Jack the Ripper."

"And this 'revolution?'" Andrea's eyes widened.

"As Mr. Popple was about to say," Inspector Madison told her, "he's behind this too. You see, there was more to Jack the Ripper than just a number of shockingly bloody murders."

"More?" Andrea took a step back.

"Oh, indeed," Mr. Popple nodded eagerly. "One of the features of the last Ripper crime was an inscription that seemed to suggest the Jews were involved somehow."

"An inscription that the Police destroyed," Mr. Madison told her. "As the Islamic inscriptions in Cardiff ten years later. Someone - or some group - has been spending over a century trying to destroy society."

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