Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Grey Tabby: Twenty-Five

Ms. Madison and the Girl in Grey sat in the Savoy, sipping tea and looking out on the Thames. Lady Sylvia was seated on the floor, as the girls admired the view.

"Just think." The Ms. Madison observed. "If it wasn't for us, the view would be very different."

"Don't forget the Green Man..." the Girl in Grey sighed.

"With you around?" Ms. Madison laughed, "that's highly unlikely. And don't forget our spy in the camp, the wonderful Lady Sylvia."

"Thanks!" the brunette smiled modestly. "but it was nothing - just my duty."

"Really?" the girls shook their heads.

"And the Grey Tabby got away," Lady Sylvia added with a frown. "I wanted to go after him, but he's sending me on a cruise with you, Lynette."

"More fun and games," the Girl in Grey laughed. "And I'm seeing the Green Man again tonight."

"We'd guessed," Ms. Madison laughed. "Enjoy, my dear."

"I will!" the Girl in Grey exclaimed, as everyone laughed.

In the Grey Tabby's penthouse, the gangster looked out over London. Just a few plumes of smoke indicated where the violence had been. With a sigh, he turned back to the screen on his desk. Seven men's faces were on it.

"You are to find and kill the Green Man," he told them, before cutting off the intercom.

Pressing a second button, the Grey Tabby removed his mask, as the penthouse was transformed into a doctor's consulting room.

"Nurse Mariette," he pressed a new intercom. "Send in another patient."

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The Girl in Grey said...

I can take new agents of the Green Man. And that Grey Tabby is in trouble.