Monday, February 26, 2007

Crooks' Tours: Part Three

Lady Sylvia looked a little concerned at the news. Since the Green Man had not told her what was going on, but left her to work things out for herself. She supposed it must be because she was new, and the Green Man was testing her.

"Really?" she asked Mr. Nicholson.

"Really," he nodded, his manner a little patronising. Lady Sylvia wondered if he thought she was some air-headed aristocrat. "And there have been crimes committed in Glasgow by London Villains, two members of the Cardiff Mafia were shot dead in Corsica last year. Put simply, my dear, over the last few years, crooks from different parts of the world have been travelling to work with mobs where their faces are not known."

"How do you know?" Lady Sylvia narrowed her pretty eyes.
"Because, my dear," Mr. Nicholson drawled pleasantly, "I am not simply the old duffer at the Old Rectory. Ralph Nicolson, Principal of the Nicholson Detective agency."
"So you know your stuff," Lady Sylvia smiled. "Do you know who the man doing this is?"
"I have a suspect," he told her, as they reached the gate of the Hall. "Look over there -" he pointed across the park to a large house, with pinnacles and towers "-that is Prior's Castle, bought seven years ago by Marcus Coote. And I think Coote's the man running this."
"And so do I." The two turned, as the Green Man stepped out of the trees behind them.

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